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It finally happened, an unfollow!

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9 days agoPartiko2 min read

Honestly I haven't posted in a bit, so it obvious that someone going to unfollow me! Is it sad I wait until this moment to talk about that? Yes it is...

Well I been busy and didn't find the time to post much, even now I'm in class hopefully the teacher doesn't catch me.

I finished my first poetry book a few days ago... Why I didn't post any updates about my poetry? I want to get out of the sad stuff and I don't want to feel encouraged to feel sad...

I'm going to start a new poetry book and have you the readers have a chance to see these as I create them works!

The server sadly on hold, but I finished most of the Writers portion, but working on the music and podcast next.

Why on hold? I can't find time to work on it and I'm trying to create a HUGE server without any help, so until I either shut out my family out my life or when I find at least an hour out of my weekend to work on the server it'll be on hold.

I also plan to make an official blog site, but I NEED TO SLOW DOWN!!!

I am seriously pick up things left and right... Old habits dies hard.

Thanks to @toothrot for the follow/unfollow
I know I know why thank such a person? Why give them the time of day.

Oof they sparked the notice of my attention. Not like I have people asking me to come online... And the best way to catch someone attention is to unfollow them... Just don't spam them with it... Best way to make someone quit all together.

Here a poem

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