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Ulog and Actifit Report Card: June 11 2019

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2 months agoPartiko3 min read

What a silly day.

It started with a call from our main helpdesk about a laptop issue. I'm in the "go and do things at the airport" office, so I went to check it out. She had her laptop plugged into a docking station, but it would not connect to the network. After reseating the network cables with no luck, I tried pulling the power to the docking station. Sure enough, the problem cleared up. Yet another case of "have you tried turning it off and on again" being the solution.


Then I had to replace a PC. Nothing necessarily silly about that; it was just an old PC that had a corrupt boot sector. I could have tried to resolve it, but I decided replacing it was easier in my circumstance.

Then I finally got back to my office. Shortly thereafter I got a call from our Systems Engineering team that there was a PC work an old image (I think I see a trend here) that was failing on some major security updates. It was at the hangar, and he asked if I could hunt it down. No problem. Love me a good adventure.

Well I couldn't find it. I ran all around the hangar with no luck. So I didn't know where it could be. Then I had a great idea. What if I load up YouTube and play a video? Once I hear it, I'll know where it is! But it's got to be a song that no one will recognize and also is upbeat and fun.

I got it!


Unfortunately it only took me 3 minutes to find, but it was enough to drive one woman nuts! When she saw it was me, she just shook her head.

Then I took a break and watched a Tesla video on the unveiling of the Model Y. I found out the S in Model S stands for sedan, the X in Model X stands for crossover, and the 3 stands for... Third major vehicle? Story has it Tesla was gonna call it the Model E, but Ford threatened to sue. Apparently Ford is against sex. Then add in the Model Y, and you have an excellent line up of sexy electric vehicles. The puns were too much! Lol!

That's it from my brain for now. Good night!

Oh, and a lot of walking around the airport.


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