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There is NO Reason for staying Happy


3 months agoSteemit4 min read

1) Use Your Happiness Autopilot

Researchers at Duke have found that over four-hundred of your daily actions area unit autopilot habits that don’t expend your deciding brain power.
So let’s tack a little add-on to one of those ingrained habits
i have 3 ideas.

  • When you place dentifrice on your toothbrush, think of 1 thing that makes you feel grateful.
  • Or after you come to life within the morning, glance at a photo that makes you feel happy.
  • Or at the hours of darkness, do what Christine Carter of Berkeley’s Greater Good Center says
    “After I put my head on pillow, I'll think of one good thing from my day.
    So. What will you decide on to feature to your autopilot?

2) please Do What You Love & like

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Never says When I will be old I’ll do what i love, plan on spending little bit time doing god and unique things you love even if it’s as a hobby.
Decide after you will devote a touch time on an everyday basis.
Or, is a career change needed?

3) The way To Choose Your Friends

Researchers at Harvard say selecting your friends showing wisdom is one among the foremost vital factors associated with happiness.

  • Do you have some friends Who sap your energy once you’re around them?
  • Perhaps they’re often complaining and reminding you of negative events?
  • these folks from your new friend list and replace them with optimistic those who cause you to feel energized Once you pay time with all of them.
    And besides defrayal time with them, pay cash with them additionally

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