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He is Ordering your steps 🎈


21 days agoSteemit2 min read

Do not fear , for I have redeemed you , I HAVE SUMMONED YOU BY NAME , you are mine - Isaiah 43:1

Many times I have gone to the wrong path , I have just moved the way how my family or friends day wanted to move.. but it was just making me feel worst about myself. Why was that ? I am doing what everyone wanted , but that was making me miserable 😥 ???

Yes , friends , because what I am supposed to do is not what anyone else wants... But Jesus . Only Jesus directs my paths... Only if I follow Abba I can go the right way.. only if I pray before I make any move , I can make sure I'm not making the wrong move.. it's like playing chess , one wrong move and gAme over.

Today , as you are praying .. Reflect on who is directing your steps ? Is it you ? Your friends ? Your family ? God ? How can you change it , if it's not God?

I feel the how is different for different people , in my life , especially with my friends , I used to act as if I was cool and I was not an introvert , just so I could fit in.. meanwhile my systems were literally crashing , and burning.

When u revealed my true nature , I lost almost all my friends , just because then I was more of a prayer girl , and nobody fancied that ..everyone wants a party type not a party pooper. Haha.

But that was the biggest submission I had to do before Jesus..

That stripping me of the wrong people , gave me time to get closer and closer to Abba and the right people.

Just praying and not complaining , but trusting God in the process is very important.

When I was so alone..god sent me some amazing people to be my new friends.

Today , let's let Abba guide our path , not 1% but completely 🥰😍✨🙌


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