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A Day for Papa Max


6 months agoeSteem


It’s been 74 days to be exact since my dear father-in-law left us, and still I can feel the longing of my husband for him, He’s been my husband mentor in everything he knows, even if my husband is not telling me I can feel that he missed Papa So much,


That’s why we make sure that we visit him always and spend sometime with him, last Saturday, it was my husband’s rest day so he started the day making something for papa, a candle and flower holder for him, cause every time we light a candle it will not last for 10 seconds atleast because of the wind so my sister-in-law bought a closed candle holder and my husband welded it,


Late afternoon we visited him and put the holder on him...


We know Papa that you are already happy there with Mama, please always guide us and pray for us especially your Son, who loves and misses you both so much.

Have a great day everyone, Spread 💕💕💕

Steeming to the Moon,


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