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Winners Announcement for the Guess the thing Challenge Day #73 & #74| by @blessedsteemer


last monthSteemit2 min read

Hello, Blessed Steemwise!

The wait is over! And it's time to share the rewards for Days #73 & #74 of the Guess the thing challenge.We have 3(#73) & 4 (#74)steemians who participate and support the challenge and TWO got the right answer for #73 which is CHAIR/ 3 got the right answer for #74, which is SPOON/DISPOSABLE SPOON!😊,But of course everyone got a rewards also for joining this challenge,just because on this game everyone are WINNERS! AND NO LOSERS!

The earning of this post (steem)will be going to our authors fund and to be donated to for the next game,if our post payout is low.😊💪👍

Guess the thing challenge image post:(Day#73&74)

Answer revealed(whole images)



Disposable spoon/Spoon

Prize Computation:

#73-0.025/2 --#74 0.045 == STEEM for all. As a sign of gratitude i will make it 0.200 (.100 for 73 & 0.100 for #74 steem and thanking for the support, for those who joined.

#73( 3-participants)
0.100-1/2 == 0.050 steem
0.050/2== 0.025 ~~(Winners)

#74( 4- participants)

0.100-1/2 == 0.050 steem
0.050/3== 0.016666666~~(Winners)





Thanks for your overwhelming support for this challenge! Im hoping by your unending participation and support of this contest. Again thank you everyone! God bless us all!😇🙏🙌

Your servant;

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