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Opening my SplinterLands rewards from last season!


8 days agoSteemPeak2 min read


I got 1 Epic and 1 Legendary card this season (only one ARIANTHUS from these rewards)

Yes, It's been a while since I've played SM since I've been busy with my and other people's stuff. Coding takes up most of my time, but I decided to chill a bit today and do some quests and start moving up the ranks before the season is up.

I got into SM quite a bit recently, but I've fallen out of it again. It sort of goes in cycles for me. It probably doesn't help me though, as if I were more consistent I'd probably get a decent ranking and know how to play better. My strategies are probably quite outdated. I'm still getting used to all the rulesets that the game has.

I usually forget to check the ruleset, which usually pans out okay for lower leagues, but higher leagues, not so much. I usually find myself hovering around Gold II, and if I put enough time in, I can usually achieve Gold I.

I also forgot about the fact that I leased out some of my cards (including my gold foil legendary), I had about 10 STEEM in income due to me, so I claimed that and powered it straight up!


Still working my way up the STEEM leagues, as always. Always trying to power up and earn more. I've been lucky to be added to some more auto voters, so my posts usually hit 1 STU within about an hour for free. This has given me a good reason to post daily again. That's probably why I work on posts and then save them so they're ready for the next day. The SP post I made was written the day before it was published and it will be the same for this post.

Finding something to write about every day is challenging, but by making them in advance, I find it more manageable and it also means I don't go on a massive posting spree one day and then won't feel like posting for a week. Not far away from completing an entire week now. Let's do it!


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