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Partiko: a pioneer on showing the Power of Steem in attention economy


2 months agoSteemPeak3 min read

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Recently Steemit Inc. decided to include ads into their interface after suffering from the effects of prolonged bear market. Some people disliked this, and no wonder as ads have always been the elephant in the room since Youtube having including them into their videos, which enables content creators to earn for their work. But with Adblocker being out there and widely used, it makes content creators at risk to lose some of their income, yet people want to keep watching their videos, but still, not viewing ads.

However, Partiko has just come up with a working solution for this dilemma: Advertisers pay to get their ads visible in the app (Partiko), yet the application doesn't have to compromise with user experience because they don't have to force feed them through interface, because they can get people to watch them voluntarily. How? Steem Power.

With Steem Power, Partiko can reward their users when they redeem an upvote with the Partiko Points which are granted for performing various activities in the app (posting, commenting, upvoting and watching ads). Essentially, Partiko rewards users with extra Steem for those who view ads.

This creates a beautiful symbiosis where everybody gets what they want: advertisers get views for their product and the application gets revenue from the advertisers, and the most amazing thing is that users aren't compromised and have the freedom to have the experience they want: either use the app as is, or spend their attention on ads and get rewarded for it. It really is a win-win-win.

People's attention does have value – advertisers know this, otherwise they wouldn't shoot commercials about their products in the hopes of increasing sales. But now, instead of people being exploited as "free cattle" their attention is getting truly valued and rewarded appropriately.

When some people like @tarazkp have been talking about how Steem can be leveraged by businesses in the future, it never really struck me how exactly, but now it all kinda brightened to me with the practical example of Partiko. And I'm sure there are going to be numerous similar – and different ways we can't yet imagine – on how Steem and Steem Power can be leveraged by businesses.

I mean, I seriously think this is a big deal: I think we are witnessing the start of an evolution where attention economy is being merged with cryptocurrency. And we are seeing that happening right before our eyes on Steem. Am I alone with this or isn't this kinda exciting? I think it is.

You know, with the example of Partiko, I'm getting really confident that Steem Power can be a much more important resource in the future than we can even imagine. Just saying...


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