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Got the lights knocked out of me at football - I need a doctor


2 months agoBusy4 min read

The title is clickbaity but why not?

Yesterday was a bit of a roller coaster ride or to us a normal day in sunny South Africa. I woke up to my normal routine before having our power cut out from 12-2:30 decided to take time to make lunch and meditate while I wait it out.

Then when the lights came back on, the internet was down for a bit in our neighbourhood, fortunately, I used my phone as a hotspot to get a few tasks done (enjoying my overpriced data plan for sure).

Day done and dusted.....not quite!

So that was it, that was the day done and dusted and it was time to get ready for soccer. When I get a call from a friend, he just got home and needs to have a skype call with clients based in the US (because the US don't care about other countries time zones or off the clock work). So he rushes to my place to get online and have his meeting.

My friend finishes his meeting and off we head to soccer. As we were driving to the field we literally saw neighbourhood after neighbourhoods power shut down it was as if we were bringing about the apocalypse as we drove.

As traffic lights stopped working, so did peoples brains and cars were crossing one another missing one another marginally, it was utter chaos.

Eventually, we get to the field, the lights are on, we get stripped and start to warm up. As we're about to start, the lights get knocked out and the manager of the place tells us we can wait or we can leave. After all this time I would think businesses would start to spend on alternative electricity and future proofing their places in times of load shedding.

The place was entirely dark, except for one shining light in the distance, a KFC, because come rain or shine, KFC needs to feed the people, right? There is the reason KFC is the number one googled fast food search term in South Africa.

Anyways I decided to pop into the grocery store on my way home and managed to spot this sitting on the shelf. A Dr Pepper, I never had it before, so I thought I'd try it, with all the product placements its had over the years I was mildly curious and but wholeheartedly underwhelmed lol I gave it away after a few sips.


We're constantly getting our lights knocked out

If we're not out of electricity, water, the internet down or government systems are down (which is the longest running joke) then its the trains are not working or the bus drivers are on strike lol, it never ends in South Africa and I often say you could put us anywhere in the world and we will thrive, we so used to living on the scraps of the land.

Is there anything they can throw at us that we can't handle?

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To my non-saf followers, have you ever had to deal with anything like this? If not, how do you think you could cope?

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