#Ulog Nª17 The big day is coming


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Friends, excuse my absence, these days I have been somewhat busy, my marriage is to come, I have visited some places where I can do my wedding, but I really do not find the right one, I have had many things to do, not only is finding a place but , food, drinks, among other things, I have to be doing a lot of diligence, that's why my absence.

This wedding is a big responsibility, there are so many things to do, sometimes I do not know where to start, it's a lot of money to have a wedding, I have to find a dress, which I do not have yet, the shoes that I will use I do not have them days, I'm really missing a lot of things hahahaha.

I am very worried about all this, I have to improve a little to solve many things that I have to do, I think I have to get the place, the dress shoes, the dress, the accessories and everything my future husband and I will use That day, I will have to quickly choose the menu of the day.

I have often made the guest list, sometimes I think they are many and, sometimes, I think they are few, in fact, that day I want many people to be with us sharing and being part of our union, but I have to have a good budget to have all the people I've thought about inviting.

We are working very hard to be able to share with our great friends and family, I've been very much supported by others, that comforts me a lot, we want to celebrate our union in the best way, I hope we achieve it.
I ask God very much to provide us with the money necessary to fulfill this objective.

I tell them that my emotions are in my skin, I cry, laughing and I have a little fear of the stage in which I will have to live, in fact my feelings are a little exalted hahaha, I really enjoy this beautiful stage.

I want to enjoy everything I live, I know that this scenario is beautiful, I always wanted to live it, and I am already excited, to say if in front of all my family and friends makes me nervous, but I know it is a YES, I will always remember it.

Every day that passes my heart rejoices more, I know that the day is coming to unite my life with the love that God put by my side, I can not explain what I feel friends.
I hope it rains blessings more and more to do everything that is to be done.

I would like this experience to be repeated again, without any doubt with the same person (@nior) I am very much in love and happy to be united with him, he is not perfect and neither am I, but I know that with the help of God and a lot of love we can cope with whatever comes up ¡I want the day to come!

I'm very grateful to @surpassinggoogle #ulog The opportunity they give us is excellent, If it were not for your wonderful idea, we would not share these experiences, I really like doing it.


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