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Today's dream: The 5 Spirit Creatures


3 months agoPartiko3 min read

Before I go to sleep, I want to at least write down today's dream. That way I'll be able to dream tonight and not worry about forgetting the previous dreams. This situation usually leads to one of two dreams making me forget the other.

Somehow I found a way into a new world. My brother told me everything he knew about it. Apparently he hd been travelling here for a while and knew a few secrets. My body had also been traveling here, it seemed, as an independent woman I now treated in the third person. The animals in this world knew her and as I walked about in the dream, I found myself to be appreciative of the results of the woman's networking, because the animals recognized me and welcomed me as someone they had known for a long time and trusted.

I walked across the street. The sky was blue but not very sunny. On the right side of the street, there was a stone wall. The stones were pretty and over the wall was peeking a plant similar to what we call Trinitarias, a kind of pretty flower that grows everywhere and fills the world with beauty. These flowers were a bit bigger, though. I walked beside them and felt the warmth with pleasure, but I was also a bit nervous because I was thinking of the bat.

In this world, my brother told me, there were 5 Spirit creatures that managed one thing each. I don't remember which creatures these were except flr the bats and I don't remember what they managed. I know that it had something to do with feeling, but not the feelings that people felt but something more absolute, as if things exuded feelings instead of us feeling when we perceive things.

I perceived the bats as ferocious creatures. Very proud and admirable, walking with their heads straight because they knew they did a good and essential job. There were 4 other spirits as well, and I think one were succubi? I have no idea what the other 3 were, but this was all explained to me in detail. I was sadly a bit distracted when I woke up and lost all of this information by thinking about other things.

There was also a situation where the woman I talked about needed to leave this world but we could not allow it because it would be chaotic. I remember anxiety and screaming, but nothing too specific.

Something that I enjoyed about this dream was the assignation of meaning onto specific creatures. If this were the ancient ages, I could create a mythology with these strange dreams seemingly full of meaning when I see them and then devoid of it when I analyse them.

See? I knew this was a good idea. I'm now feeling dreamy, so I know I'll dream tonight. Goodnight! :)

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