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Days Go By: Mail from Steemit and Other Oddities (Ulog No. 42)


8 days ago4 min read

Sometimes I ponder the whole Ulog idea and keep coming back to the reality that most blogs are actually "Ulogs" in some way, shape or form... since they basically represent who we each are, as individuals.

I suppose that's neither here nor there, just a reflection of my own tendency to try to classify everything...

Lavender in the late afternoon sun

Mail From Steemit... Say What?

I was somewhat surprised to actually get an email newsletter from Steemit, today.

That took a few seconds to sink in. I didn't even recall giving Steemit my email address, but I guess I must have, at some time back in the "early days," or perhaps when I first created my account.

No matter... the thing that surprised me was that I got a newslettery thing, and it made me ponder the implications.

Does that mean it was mailed to everyone Steemit has on file — including dormant accounts — and we should now expect an uptick in overall activity in the community?

Moreover, does this unprecedented mailing mean that "things are about to happen," in the sense of not only another step towards broader adoption, but in terms of new features actually becoming a reality?

Being the eternal optimist that I am, I am choosing to see this as a good sign.

Contrails or chemtrails? A pretty sunset, regardless....

In Search of the Miraculous...

Sometimes things happen that just cannot be explained away... and I'm a pretty hardcore skeptic, when it comes to a lot of *"woo-woo" stuff.

We keep an altar of sorts at our house, in connection with Mrs. Denmarkguy's non-profit organization; a worldwide prayer network. And there's always a candle burning. We use those altar candles in a glass jar that burn for about seven days.

Nothing unusual, there.

When one candle is coming close to its end, we light another (using its flame) to keep an "eternal flame" burning.

This afternoon (I witnessed this) we had a candle brined down to where it had maybe an hour or two left, so we lit a new candle. And went away and did some work. Mrs. Denmarkguy came back maybe an hour later to stoke our fireplace — it's started to get a bit cold around the edges — and noticed that the "old" candle had burned out, and the "new" candle was now the only one lit.

Red fall leaf

She went away to do a couple of things... and ten minutes later came back to read a book for a while.

The new candle was OUT (perhaps a draft? Crossbreeze?) to her surprise... but get this: the "old" candle — which had NO wax left to burn — was burning again!

We have no good explanation...

She hurriedly re-lit the new candle (using the flame from the "impossible" old candle), after which the old candle went out again within a minute...

As I said, we have no good explanation... some things just leave you wondering...

More fall leaves...

Travel Time Ahead

In unrelated news, next week Mrs. Denmarkguy and I will be going on a trip, for the first time in about four years.

Not vacation, or anything exciting like that... Mrs. Denmarkguy is on the board of directors of The Labyrinth Society and we're heading to the Baltimore area for a week of her attending annual board meetings, followed by the 3-day annual retreat of the organization.

Regardless of whether or not the trip is "work," it will be nice to have a change of scenery... and our ability to go there together is nice too, and the result of the fact that we no longer have a retail store to mind.

In some ways it can be a lot of fun to be a shopkeeper... but it can also be like an "anchor" that ties you down to a place and keeps you from being able to leave home.

Can't say that I miss that particular part!

Well, that's about it for tonight's mish-mash... thanks for reading!

(Another #creativecoin creative non-fiction post)

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