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When Consistency and Perseverance Wins the Day!


11 days ago4 min read

To be honest, I have never been "brilliant" at anything.

If I poke around in that some more, I have to further admit that I am rarely among the most talented; the most insightful; the most inspired; the most intelligent; the most innovative; the most visionary and a whole host of other "mosts."

The only "most" I will actually take ownership of — at least in a limited sort of way — is "making the most" of whatever I happen to have available.

Japanese climbing rose

What's This Confession REALLY About?

In the classic fable of "The Tortoise and the Hare," it is suggested that slow but steady wins the race is a real thing, perhaps even something to aspire to.

I can't say that I actually "aspire" to it; it simply happens as a result of my being upright and breathing on my own. I know myself well enough to realize that I am never going to be in the "Winner's Circle" of anything that's a "Winner Takes All" sort of race.

In our modern ultra-competitive world where society often prizes "success" and "leadership" about most other attributes, that can be is a pretty challenging path to walk. Because we tend to focus on "Being Number ONE!" those who are simply "IN the race" tend to get bypassed and overlooked.

Close-up of chives in bloom. Yes, the onions...

Standing Down — By Choice

I have often been accused of "giving up" and "being a slacker" because I have chosen to stand down in situations where I projected out (in my head) that I would never be competitive enough to reach some pre-determined objective... so why bother?

This was the case many many years ago when I worked in the IT industry and was encouraged to become part of the management team... yet I realized that I would not would not be able to "compete" at the required level so I respectfully declined.

In a matter of months, I was encouraged to take my "lack of ambition" somewhere else.

In a much earlier time in my life, I was actually pretty good at the game of golf. When I say "pretty good," I mean competing in pro tournaments in Europe (as an amateur) and comporting myself respectably.

But even though I probably could have, I decided not to pursue it because I lacked both the raw talent and the killer instinct to become a tournament winner.

Close-up of purple heather

Winners and Losers

Sometimes I find myself reflecting on the fact that we have created this chasm in our world; our societies; in which we make such clear distinctions between "winners" and "losers."

We idealize and idolize this thing called "winning." As the old saying goes: "Nobody remembers who finished second!"

And yet?

The person who finished second is actually damned good at what they do!

On a more personal level... and perhaps what caused these words to flow into a blog post... I will add to my list of "admissions" that I have always tended to just want to do well at whatever I undertake, and give little thought to the idea of actually winning or being Number One.

Whether that makes me some kind of loser or slacker, or not... I can't say. In many cases, society seems to think I am "failing."

So perhaps the takeaway from these ramblings could simply be that we need to decide for ourselves what our level of "success" or "winning" looks like!

Thanks for reading!

(Another #creativecoin creative non-fiction post)

What do YOU think? Is "winning" and "success" overvalued in our world? Are all the "also rans" de-valued? Comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment-- share your experiences-- be part of the conversation!

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