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The loads we carry


3 months agoPartiko2 min read

It's Wednesday and although our morning started off well it quickly turned into a bit of a disaster when a friend drove past our house and found one of our cats dead in the road. Hit by a car and left to die. 😑

Another friend drove past at the same time... Yes can you believe, three SA families in one street witnessing this horrible thing that's happened.

goodbye Daya, we'll miss you 😔

The girl-child was inconsolable, the friends' children traumatized I'm sure. The Xman I had to tell over the phone as he'd already left for class. All in all a sad morning. Part of life but still sad. 😔

I've chose this photo that I took in Andaman to share with this post as from the moment I saw this photo I wondered about the loads we carry. Some heavier than others. And some people going through life bent over at the waist, almost crippled by theirs and others bouncing through life as if their problems and issues weighs nothing.

I'm sure the load this man is carrying here is not light by any means but.... He still smiled at us and took a moment to pose for this bothersome lady that insisted on a photo. There should be a lesson in here.

This morning's load of losing a kitty so unnecessary is harsh and heavy but then again it could have been worse. It's how we handle it at the end of the day that determines the weight of the load. I'm angry at the person that just drove off without even trying to tell us what happened but I accept that cats roam and it's something we can't really control. Having said that. I really wish people would slow down when driving down our road. The next time it could be a child. 😔

Anyhow. Life goes on and so do we. I've just finished my umpteenth load of laundry and are finally caught up. (I'm sure the kids only washed the most needed while we were gone.. 😂)

Wishing you a beautiful day! ❤️

Photos are my own

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