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Behind The Face With a Smile


2 months agoSteemit2 min read
We pay much attention and effort to conquer a person's heart, we show the strength and weaknesses of emotional discoveries with humble and brave views of passionate shadows. We're removing stars in love stories and we're talking about material entertainment and games, you're the culmination of my imagination in real time.

An open box of thought circles the ether of energy that gives us signs of a winning enthusiasm; we are powerful in free will and weak in material limitation. We made surprises on open information of the future, we change the codes of the mind with the tastes of sweet secrets and hidden desires.

We have guessed the wonderful feelings with fairy tales of emotional happiness that lead us through the lost oases, the abundance of knowledge brings superior messages on the wings of open consciousness. You are a magnificent girl with princess manners, you have chosen the path of an open heart.

Your smile is magical in the love energies that have conquered me, you are the light of my expectations on the way to the star. I recognize the movements of perfection in the character of love romance, you are an unusual lady with a smile of a beautiful angel.



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