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5 months agoSteemit2 min read
There is grief in the fire of knowledge with thoughts of past mistakes, a wind of joy arrives with words of tender truth that show us the way of honour. We seek signs of perfection in all details of life games, we create creative works with the energy of thought.

We open an oasis of emotional reality with the enthusiasm of vision, you stand as a winner on the pedestal of wisdom. We have shortened success in several steps of practical knowledge, you are the light of love feelings that originate from the vibration of the heart.

Now Feel the message of the universal mind in the mystical magic of creative energy, we become pure conscience that passes on the other side of the challenge. Find happiness in others who follow signs of success, show us the path of the emotional horizon of magnificent love.

The focus of feeling and truth goes through the greatest secrets of life, your lips touch the perfect parts of the challenging future in us. We cross the borders and break the chains of negative life forms, we are the kings of the choices who come with our growth.



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