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Making Monkees: I do not like mistakes! May 21, 2019


4 months agoSteemit2 min read

Somedays you just need to strangle a palm tree leaf.


I KNOW that we are gonna make mistakes along the way. I just wish they didn't cost money to make them!

It wasn't a ton of money - (just maybe $15 or so?) but then adding in the cost of gas, and the time to make a new attempt, and DRIVING down the mountain.... TWICE. (don't even ask how much time that is... cuz i just can't admit that to myself right now LOL)

but... we endure! we persevere! and... in the long run - we got the better plan!

Truth be told, had I not done it the wrong way first - I probably would have always second-guessed if I made the best decision - and now??? I KNOW I made the best decision!

I think it's gonna look great ! It's gonna be amazingly awesome, and again - we're learning together! No one likes making mistakes but there is SOMETHING incredible about taking the steps forward that you need to make your project succeed.

Fail, fail, fail, fail, fail, fail - SUCCESS! sweet sweet success!

(and lots of giggles along the way)

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