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ULOG #008: Thank God For Sparing My Life.


6 months agoeSteem3 min read

Good morning steemers. Trust you had a blast from yoyr end last night??? I want to thank God for sparing my last. On Saturday 5 of this month some cultist were having a clash with Army securities who escorted the former mayor of my city, Portharcourt. The Ex mayor lost a family member and came down for a family meeting and was excorted by two Army men. I don't even know who told this cultist they the politician was in the area so they came down yo my street with guns, kitchen knives and pen knives hoping to kidnap the Ex mayor. His escorts notice the arrival of the boys and shot in the air and the guys fans away. They were about 15 of them. Everybody from my compound came outside to see what was going on instead of locking the gates and going into our rooms.

After a while, I got back into my house to call my brother who went out for a hair cut to stay where he is for the time being until the area was calm. As I stood outside the room with my phone while talking to my brother, someone was pushing the door of my compound, I thought it was one of my neighbours who was probably stocked outside and was trying to get in. Unfortunately for me it was one of the boys so I quickly ran into my room. He saw me running inside my room so he struggled with me while I was trying to lock my door. He finally pulled the door and pointed a gun on my forehead, I was very scared and was praying inside and so I begged him not to shoot me. My mum just got back from Bayelsa and her phone was on the couch, the guy took the my mum's phone. My sister phone were charging on top of our small television, he unplugged the phones and took it along side with my mum's phone while still pointing the gun at me. Luckily for me I hid my phone at my back so he didn't see it. He finally left without hurting me hence I am returning all the glory to God.

I wept bitterly on Saturday because times are hard and its too early the start of a new year to incur a loss. The money my mum is about to spend on a new phone could be added to part of my school fees but In all I give thanks to God for he alone know why this happened. The phones were not even 100% in good shape though so I doubt he would seel them all for a reasonable amount. Although the phones aint in good shape, its still a loss because now the communication link between my siblings and their friends, same as my mum and her friends/colleagues has been caught short if not for my baby sister's Nokia torch which fell on the floor without the notice of the cultist.

In most cases, the cultists' always shoot their victims even after robbing them but I thank God because my case was different.

Thanks for reading and do have a lovely day ahead. Happy new week Esteemians and Steemians.


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