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Cry no more My Child 🙁


6 months agoeSteem

Mabuhay #esteemians #steemians!

My baby is in pain right now. All of us three, including her father had a short time of sleep, maybe 3 or 4 hours only but not a straight one. There were hours that I would just carry her because she didn't want to lie in bed. I was carrying her while she was sleeping. Everytime she cries because of pain I tend to cry too, oh, that's being really a Mother.

If only I could take all her pain away, but all I can do is to comfort her. 🙁


This morning I saw her smile and it makes me happy. She's feeling better I guess, praying for that.

Blessed and grateful! I am thankful for being a part of the @gratefulvibes community by #papabear @paradise-found.

P.S. please support my witnesses @good-karma, @cloh76.witness and to the person who inspires many, Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle @steemgigs. Just choose on the list. 😁

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