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It's not "EGO", it's "SELF RESPECT". ( Pride and Reasoning )

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3 months agoSteemit2 min read

Have you ever felt so much anger?

Well i already have and it is so much that i might kill someone but i have to stay composed since we're living in a civilized world.

Pride sometimes poison our sense of reasoning, we made wrong decisions because of our pride that later we will regret what we did but we can't help it because it's human nature to protect our pride at all costs.


I even argue with my friends sometimes because there are things we just can't agree with, even with my parents.
How much more if it's a total stranger you're arguing with, it will become a war of bent philosophies.
We just can't seem to let ourselves lose to someone because it's our pride we're talking, we have to fight for it but not all the time, we must learn to accept reasonable and meaningful things, we just can't go on tell them we're always right because we are not, we commit mistakes that's a fact and it's normal.

Let's learn to lower ourselves, be calm and act accordingly.

Don't let hatred take over your sense of reasoning, don't decide when you're angry, you might regret it, and things that has been done can't go back anymore.


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