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Splinterlands: I rented 3 MAXED Legendary summoners for a week for $8 on the new rental market made by @peakmonsters!


4 months agoSteemit2 min read


The game Steem Monsters will be rebranded to Splinterlands soon

The monster rental market went online yesterday!

And just like automated tournament made tournaments 10x better so does the rental market make renting cards 10x better.

It's just so much easier to just press a 'rent' button and activate a contract than going into discord and trying to find someone willing to rent you the cards that you need.

I went there today (www.peakmonsters) and rented 3 MAXED legendary summoners for a week for $8.

I don't own those MAXED cards myself and always wanted to try them out but they go for more than $200 on the market so it's not something you just 'buy' to try out.

But for $8 I can now find out what I have been missing!

And I can also use these cards in the big tournaments over the weekend.

Screenshot 2019-04-18 at 09.17.37.png

Screenshot 2019-04-18 at 09.17.26.png

The rental market was NOT built by the team behind Splinterlands by the way.

It was built by the guys behind @steempeak. They saw an opportunity and took it.

Which showcases time and time again what this blockchain is.

The blockchain of opportunity.

It's everywhere.

When Splinterlands gets big, the rental market will explode and with a 5% fee on rentals for them, they are sitting on a cool business model.

I hope they will be very successful!

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