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My SteemGig Experience; It's More Than Just Working To Get Paid.


3 years agoSteemit4 min read

I am Fi and I recently completed this amazing steemgig. Now sit back, grab some popcorn while I tell you a story.

a rare colored photo of Fi

Ok, so I joined Steemit January 2017 on my phone, from my room in Lagos and spent the next 48 hours totally addicted to Steemit. I was lucky enough to, almost immediately, come across some amazing folks with @kus-knee being one of the very first. I was only a few posts deep when he offered to help me improve.

I see people say amazing things about my writing here on Steemit and I wonder why (because, really I don't think I do anything special) but maybe that feeling is due to the fact that folks like @kus-knee offered to help me get better and so I was getting better without noticing it myself.

Earlier this morning, he took me way back to my introductory post and I cringed. Who was I expecting to read that badly formatted post? Well, I can say that now thanks to @kus-knee. I have unfortunately slowed down on here but I haven't forgotten all the goodwill I have received over time.

For @kus-knee, I would have done the gig for free without thinking twice about it!

What Was It Like Transcribing About 40 Minutes Of "Nerdy Techy Talk"?


No I am serious and I mean it literally. Pronounce LOL one letter at a time. Haha, that's what it felt like.

hell - oh - hell

So would I have still taken up the gig if I had known it was going to be hell?

Err... I'm not too sure. To be honest, I thought it was going to be a very easy task. I mean, how hard can it be right? It's only 40 minutes of talk. For 20 SBD? That was amazing! (I'm looking at you Ted! I wasn't being sarcastic lol)

Well, after spending about thirty minutes transcribing 3 minutes of video, I knew I was in deep shit and needed my secret (err... not so secret anymore now that you know) superhero powers back. Luckily for me, I was back on the post and found a comment by @eirik on being able to get the text from YouTube. This singular act made it possible for me to complete the gig in record time. You want to know what the "record time" is? TWO FULL DAYS!

I literally did nothing else besides forcing myself out of bed to have my bath and also eating (when i remembered).

One thing tho, the brilliance of @dantheman didn't make the process a boring one. The more I rewound to catch a word or two, the more I learned from his amazing mind. It was like listening to Divide by Ed Sheeran or Blonde by Frank Ocean.

Now, What Do I Think of #steemgig?

  • The gig gave me an opportunity to finally feel useful again after weeks of just floating around and allowing time pass me by.

  • Although against my wish, I had to cash out the 50 SBD immediately to cater for an unexpected emergency.

  • So #steemgig and @kus-knee literally saved my ass before my ass knew it would need saving.

  • Steemgig is also an amazing way to build interaction on steemit. Even though I always felt like I was cool with @kus-knee, the gig has actually brought us closer. So yeah #steemgig is great to encourage interaction within the community.

  • I also think it's a great way to make Steemit more than just a writer's territory.

  • It's more than just getting paid. It's opening up new possibilities.

  • It's allowing people feel useful. Giving them the opportunity they need to finally pursue whatever it is they've always wanted to do.

  • It should be encouraged!

I enjoyed every bit of it and look forward to taking on many more gigs.

Shout out to my Green and White brother, my boy Terry! ( @surpassinggoogle ) for starting this!

this post should have been up earlier but I got carried away listening to Divide by Ed Sheeran. That album is amazing!


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