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Birds in Flight for Feathered Friday


6 months agoUlogs4 min read

It's Feathered Friday today so now you can squint and see some birds I caught in flight.

This guy is in line with helicopters flying over San Diego Bay while a tug brings in the Dole Ship from Hawaii.
Dole Ship Tug Helicopters Bird flight feathered friday fitinfun.jpg

And this one is dive-bombing for a bug.
divebombing bird flight feathered friday fitinfun.jpg

I already showed this seagull in an earlier post for this challenge, related to the ocean, but now here he is again because he is flying.
flight feathered friday fitinfun Seagull Landing Coronado California.jpg

This bird was inches from me playing with the kid's basketball hoop in my Coronado California alley. He did not care if I took pictures, but he was not going to pose.

basketball bird flight feathered friday fitinfun.jpg

A humming bird hovers calmly enough to make me think I could get a good shot. He is at least 20 feet away, but sure looks bigger than he was.

hummingbird bird flight feathered friday fitinfun.jpg

I was taking a photo of a Jacaranda coming into bloom when this bird decided to make a quick exit.

jacaranda bird flight feathered friday fitinfun.jpg

All photos were taken with a cheap Canon point and shoot set on automatic. My post today is for featheredfriday challenge by @keithboone. You should definitely go there to see some excellent bird photos by Keith and the other participants.

I'm posting with the the ulogs dapp to the untalented tag, and I think you know why!

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Minnow tips!

Here is my latest minnow tips post if you struggle here. These tips can help you even if you are not new.
Monday Minnow Tips for Everyone from @fitinfun

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Join qurator

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How and Why to use kryptonia

How to get Upvotes

For Twitter Users

How and Why to lease delegated sp

Curation Trails

Using Discord

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bxlphabet fitinfun before and after.jpg

Statistics say that only 5% of people with health resolutions for the New Year will still be on track after Super Bowl Sunday. Is your fitness equipment still out handy, and are you still on a "diet?"

I lost "Half My Size" eight years ago by using natural methods. I started on December 5th and did not give up. You can do it too!

This is Sharon @fitinfun. I am posting:

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  • @bxlphabet is posting Southern California, steemmonsters and dtube videos.

Please follow along or contact me directly if you would like some individual help with weight loss and health. Anyone can do this if I did.

And be sure to fitinfun no matter what.

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