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Chainsawing, Mushrooms, Christmas Tree, Plaque: November 30 2019


10 days agoActifit3 min read

Just now getting to my writing for the the day. yesterday was a bit busy with a number of different tasks. After watching soccer in the morning I went out to do some chainsaw work. I got my big Stihl fueled and warmed up and went out to buck the downed pine tree from the wind storm. I was able to get it all cut in about an hour but it is sitting there until I can get the trailer out and loaded with the rounds. The branches are all going to get piled in the garden to get burned so I can spread the ashes to help my soil.

After cutting the tree up I pulled one of my 55 gallons drums that I use for grain and filled it with water. The various logs that I have cut for fungus need to be soaked in water for a while before installing the plugs. I pulled 5 maple, 4 oak, and 2 fir logs and put them in the barrel of water. The oak all sunk to the bottom of the barrel right away and the fir and maple both floated to the top. The ends of the fir and maple ended up sticking out of the water so I had to put a lid and weight on it to keep the logs in the water. I am going to be working on the plugs starting Monday.

After the bucking of the tree I got the family together and we hiked up our hill a little ways and picked out our Christmas tree for the year. I found a few but then found the ONE which I cut and stuck in a bucket of water outside until we had the house cleaned and room made for the tree. Finally the boys got to “trim the tree” and were able to get it looking a bit Christmasy.

In the evening I built a fire in the fire put again since it is a holiday/long weekend so that we could have a bit of nice outside time. I gathered up all my gear for climbing and packed it in the car. After getting the gear packed I went and found a piece of aluminum that I have had for years. I had an idea to put a tag upon the tree that saved my life to let others know and to mark its legacy. I used my electric engraver to write my dedication to the tree. I can’t thank the tree enough for what it did and for being there in the moment I needed it. I nailed my plaque to the tree about 10 feet up so in winter when there is feet of snow, people will still be able to see that the tree has saved a life.

Today I went climbing and it was an OUTSTANDING day. We got the first anchor installed and the first of the bolts on the main anchor for the 2 routes we will be climbing come Spring time.

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