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Ulog #9 : what is next


10 months agoeSteem

Right now Im out of the hospital and has been going back to work, there are still 2 weeks left before I can officially leave my job but going there now doesn't seem like a pressure any longer. I just feel relieved and happy.

Of course thete is thevwuestion of 'What is next' which I do not have the amswer to as of yet but what I know is that I will get my health back on track first while exploring things to find out more about what I can do.

Sometimes I think this might come too late but when I was younger, I had a set of ideas but time changes and those only madr me miserable. Life is aboit learning, no matter how old we are, and nothing is too late.

I havebalso filled myself on sermons and talks about 'whats next' and Im truly grateful for those, it reminds me that Im not alone and God never will let me be alone. My future is in his hands, so I know I have a bright future to look ahead to.



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