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#ULOG 648 - Daily Thoughts - 14 Mar 19 - Homesteading Today...


7 months agoSteemit2 min read

Good Morning, Steemians! :D

The chickens enjoying the sunshine. :D

Mid morning snack time for Buddy, Belle, and Joker. :D

Our dapper puppy dad Dakota trying to convince me to give out cookies. :D

Our pretty grand-puppy Mya trying to help her dad to convince me its cookie time too. :D

Joker, Leroy and Princess playing around the herd’s favorite tree. :D

Buddy and Belle enjoying a mid-afternoon snack. :D

My handsome husband and I headed into town this afternoon to run a few errands and on our way down the hill I managed to catch a few pictures of the piglets near the bottom of the hill. :D

The piglets were enjoying their day in the mud. :D

While we were in town, we checked our blood pressure at Wal-Mart, my handsome husbands was down. :D

Mine was up, my pulse rate was out of whack because of this dang plague our daughter brought home and infected me with, I can’t seem to shake it. :D

Joker, Princess, Buddy and Leroy spent some time horn wrestling while Belle pretended to ignore them. :D

Our pretty puppy mom Karma enjoying a nap in the master bathroom. :D

Time to get the herd into the barn for their supper. :D

My handsome husband heading out to open the pasture gate as the herd gathers around the gate and I start our supper. :D

Our pretty puppy mom Karma and her lovely daughter Lady enjoying some bonding time. :D

Those little black/brown and white birds flying around the barn after the herd went in for their supper. :D

Sunset 1.

Sunset 2.

Sunset 3.

Sunset 4.

Sunset 5.

Sunset 6.

Sunset 7.

Sunset 8.
Well that was our day here. How is/was yours? I hope you have/had an awesome day! :D

Anyone else interested in a badge like this? Contact @daddykirbs for a custom badge of your own. :D Thank you to @zainenn for the GHSC footer as well. :D


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