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Still dont feel itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


3 months agoPartiko

Hi everyone!

Since we came home, we had a rest and now every day we have something to do.
( some more final paper works for the visa, processing my new job and of course some family time )
I really would like to post more often but honestly since i spend more and more time with my family i cant focus on my steem account😁

Even my mind is empty.😁 All what i have inside is just a full of happiness and not much related to steem or steemit.

Maybe because this is new for me now. I am sure soon i will again focus here as well just right now i cant.

All my daily steem time i spend with redeeming the rewards, collect the dividens, set up my drugwars game and check some close friend's account if they posted or not.

Even i am not following the steem news but i know i should. That is also important.

Hope one more week and i will be back 110%

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