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CO2 board game.. really complicated and not fun


2 months agoPartiko

So as the name suggests this game is about pollution and how it really started to accelerate in the 70s as global energy demand was increasing rapidly.

the objective of the game is to have your company be the company with the best reputation at the end of 2020. this is accomplished by pioneering green policy changes around the world.

However, you can't simply go at it in a cutthroat manor. if players do not work together the CO2 levels of the planet will increase rapidly and the game ends for everyone.

I found it all quite perplexing because the game was seriously complicated and involved multiple currencies and phases of production that even after several rounds I still didn't really understand.

this game had been on the shelf for a long time and after we finished playing I suspect that is where it will be relegated to in perpetuity.

I suppose a bunch of environmentalists might enjoy this game but for me the absence of any sort of conflict or friggin laser beams made Mr. Bigglesworth upset.

I would suggest leaving this one alone

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