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Save Some Disturbing Thoughts And Info For Later


3 months agoPartiko3 min read

Sure had some unsettling realz lately. Some of it from videos on social media talking about ecological degradation, social horrors, effects of pollution.

Listened to a story on the radio. CBC. About iron in exhaust from vehicles. There are micro particles that when inhaled go to the front of your brain where there is no blood brain barrier. Scary! They say this causes dementia and Alzheimer's. In a polluted city in China just beathing is equivalent of smoking 10 cigarettes a day. People in early 20's are getting lung cancer. Newborns are exposed 24/7. Brutal horror show! Gotta stop the industrial beast.

Then there is the story I seen online of the bleaching of the ocean floor. It's from CO2 settling on the bottom. Normally the bottom is vibrant with life. In some parts it's desert conditions.

Another story I'm thinking is what is happening with Unistoten in northern BC where a pipeline company is illegally bulldozing trap lines and ancestral sites. Artifacts have been found. The company is trying to clear the way for the dirty man camps. Now they have to stop. I hope they leave for good.

It's a brutal world. Want to stop the horror show. So I've been freaked a bit by a friend getting a sex change. It's that story of someone not feeling comfortable in their own body. They have had medical problems and have done self harm. I just feel bad for people like when they get a radical operation just to feel normal. It's just what I'm thinking about. I knew a lady who after being sexually abused hated her sex organs so much she gave herself cancer and got those parts surgically removed. I feel so bad for them. Such a horror show.

I know of Native people doing horrible things from the effects of intergenerational truama. It bugs me. I want the horror show to end. No new policy the government comes up with matters as long as First Nations are still living in 3rd world conditions. It's unacceptable. That's why healing centers and friendship centers are so important. Time to heal ourselves and the world.

That's it for now of keeping track of what's on my mind. Saving this cause I can write some songs out of this. Deal with all the disturbing situations, express it and find a better and evolved sentiment.

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