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Health and mana for my brain - something I learned about my depression


5 months agoSteemit2 min read

Hi, guys!

Today it will be a tired weekend writing post cause I simply have no forces to draw something new lol:)

We have a saying that an unhealthy look often can be explained with beginning of a healthy lifestyle. May be this is unhealthy look I have at the moment. After a depressive phase I'm back to normal, back to gym -  with high loads, I fix my daily routine and it almost kills me:). Well, I definitely will be OK, but fixing everything back after the next crisis is always so hard. 

What I learned about it is that if my hard depressive phase was for example, two weeks long - I need two weeks to fix everything back. If I will be more insistent and try to do everything faster there's a high chance that I will have another depressive episode before I'm done. I also noticed that my depression goes milder if I on purpose limit my activities to "drink tea watch at the fish tank". No movies or books, no activities, just tea and this kind of fish meditation. I came to a conclusion that one of the main triggers of my depressive episodes is overwork, may be overwork of my brain.

Today I feel like I have to have some extra rest. And this is what I wish to you all guys - have a great weekend and take care <3

See you in the next post!

Love, Inber


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