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Minimalism stories - wins and fails

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3 months agoSteemit2 min read

Hi, guys!

Today I decided to step away a bit from my healing process posts and return to some more fun themes. Like minimalism:)

By the way since I involved it to my life it really changed a lot. Having more with less really works this way. I managed to downsize two categories that are usually super hard to downsize for women: cloth and shoes. I keep everything I own in this category limited to 100 items (including bags, pajamas, underwear, outerwear, everything), and it seems to be completely enough to survive whole year. Tricky, but my cloth for everyday wearing are just a pair of jeans/jeans skirt and a t-shirt/jumper, but my sport wear and pajamas take much more space from this 100:)

When I wrote about me becoming a minimalist for the last time I complained that seems like the only sphere where I can't be minimalist is face and body care products. By that time I told that I'll try to deal with it, and I really tried, and... I failed:( The amount of beauty products I have still grows faster than I manage to use them. I force myself to hold back from beauty stores, but when I have sad times I go there anyway and buy something that smells good to make my mood better (and yes, it works for me). So at the moment I'm confused - do I have to deal with this last one point that has left from my non-minimalist life, or it's OK to have such guilty pleasure?:)

If to tell about the day - I spent a lot of time with Astro now. I said many times that she's my best friend, and it really is so. We just wander the streets, she plays with the stick and with other dogs, and I look at it, smiling. She really always makes me smile:)

See you in the next post!

Love, Inber


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