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A Fine Day in a Beautiful World


3 months agoBusy6 min read

Signed a lease on my new place this morning (the nicest one I saw in my extensive search) then spent some time at the park.

This park had nice winding trails along a stream, but clearly the focus is on tennis. There were 4 very well maintained courts, and even a tennis mural on the bath house.



It feels very peaceful to have a place I know I'm moving into at the end of the month. Now I can start doing things like finding a local bank (with safe deposit box), selecting furniture from consignment shops (used of course), and just generally enjoying being wherever I am without feeling I need to make anything happen.

It would be nice to hear from my movers of all my boxed stuff from NM. Over 2 weeks now, and not a peep, though they did say it would be at least 2 weeks. A part of me is nervous that it's all gone. A part of me wouldn't actually mind starting with a completely clean slate. But it did take a lot of work to assemble a perfect kitchen, and I also love some of my shoes and clothes, so let's do have them actually deliver my stuff, LOL.

After I got back from the park I decided to spend a little more time outside. Here are a couple shots from the porch I showed you in the last post.



Notice the firepit with stacked wood to the left in the 2nd photo. I imagine that must make for fun evenings in the Autumn, or much earlier in Spring. It's 80 degrees here today! I hear it snowed just a couple days ago in Taos. I'm definitely in the right place.

New Levels

Last night was one of the monthly masterminds for my Winning Start group. It was well attended and I think that has something to do with the intuitive knowing of the participants. It was one of the most powerful sessions we've ever had.

The theme was allowing ourselves to fully embody what we know, even if the world around us is acting as if it doesn't know. I've written about that many times before. As an experiential exercise it was a different level of impact.

Normally I don't have people repeat after me. Never actually. But this time it was what I felt called to do. Thankfully they were willing to go there with me, both in terms of repeating the words, and taking them in. The discussion that followed represented a new level of Divine truth for all of us. We spoke as if we were spiritual beings living a human life, and clarified how we could clearly see the evidence of how much we were living in alignment with that or not at any given moment.

We were all pretty jazzed after we ended. I couldn't get to sleep until after midnight. Today I actually had to squeeze in a nap, despite stopping by Dunkin' Donuts for coffee and crullers this morning. I hope I can continue this new level of the work with them. I'm so grateful for all these teachers in training, each developing her own programs to lead others, who have entrusted this key phase of their development to me.

Going Forward

Once I finally get settled in a stable home, I'm probably going to make a concerted effort to grow this donation-based training program to larger numbers. Right now it's just a couple dozen women (plus 1 man, who never shows up for anything interactive), but I would love to see it 50% larger. I think that's an ideal size learning community. It allows them to have wide enough networks of support between them without losing the intimacy of everyone knowing everyone.

And as I've written about many times before, another thing getting settled will allow me is the ability to spend time with my young adult nieces and their friends, teaching them about how they create financial well-being for themselves in an economy at the point this economy is at. A key part of that is understanding the economics, the logistics, and the inner make up needed for the task at hand. Their interest in money will hopefully provide a wide open doorway into some of the more psychological aspects of well-being I also want to share with them.

So basically I'm very much at peace in the present, pleased with the past, and looking forward to the future.

Our Journey Together

There is a lot that's ripe for improvement in this world of ours. We could easily focus on only that. But I do believe that we get more of what we focus on. I don't see myself really helping anyone by simply amplifying the story of all that's wrong.

The purpose of our awareness of what's wrong is to help us clarify our vision of what "right" would look like, so that we can then create that. To create it though, we have to start looking where we want to go, not at the wall we don't want to hit. Imagine trying to drive a car, steady looking at the wall you don't want to hit! You're likely to bank right into that wall, because the car will unconsciously be navigated toward what you're focusing on.

As we drive the car of our life's creation, we have to keep focusing on where we want this car to go. Notice the potholes, but don't focus on them. Notice the wall, but don't focus on it. Notice the other cars, but don't lock onto any one. Keep a perspective of the entire terrain and know where you are within the flow of it at all times, but focus your eyes on that point ahead you expect to soon reach. And then the next. And then the next. Let your vision advance as you do.

We will get there, my friends. There is a bright and beautiful horizon we are co-creating here together. Don't be discouraged by a little time traveling through the boggy shadows. Just keep your eyes on that bright horizon.


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