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#Steem Schools "Academy of Life" - You are all welcome! My Invitation Letter Day 37 | 100days


11 months agoSteemit3 min read

ALL positive energy are here.Do not stop learning...Let us continue to grow together

This is your only chance to learn to earn and grow fast in steemit. Together with others all across the world. Your team will help you with the fundamental steps to be on top. Find me at #SteemSchools.

SteemSchools "Academy of Life" - You are all welcome! My Invitation Letter Day 20
Continue working with us! Meet your team at #SteemSchools. CLICK ME

Once, I was walking alone...no lights to guide me through it. Then, I saw a star so bright... #SteemSchools, stimulated my knowledge to advanced and be equipped in the world of war. If you haven't joined us yet, we are waiting for you. Let me help you... Just one click away. CLICK ME

Today, I would like to personally invite you take part as we take the top. Steem Schools is "Academy of Life"! We are diversified, friends from Latin America, Venezuela, Philippines, U. S, Indonesia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Europe, Middle East and from all over the world. Wherever you come from, we are united as one.

Synergy and positive energy are here. You don't have to be alone in your journey at steemit. We are here to help and support you reach the top. Click here to meet your team https://discord.gg/ymyb8CM.

One brand, one goal, one mission... WE WIN TOGETHER



Join our Live Classes to Learn to Earn and Grow Fast!! and Have FUN!!!


  • Business Live Class - basic steps to get you started. Everyday 7:00 PM UTC +2
  • Poetry
  • Art Class
  • 24/7 Karaoke Performing Art Class
  • 24/7 I Talk Channel
  • Advanced Business Strategy

We also have a lot challenges for you to EARN extra sbd while having FUN and meeting new friends across the universe See you at #Steem Schools

  • Selfie mania everyday
  • Art Challenge
  • Karaoke mania - everyday
  • Karaoke marathon - random day
  • Steem Star - every Friday
  • Supernova Mega Star - every Saturday
  • Mega Star - every Sunday
  • Healthy Garden Competition
  • Donation Competition - Win Laptop to help others
  • Competition for Best Yoga Move
  • Donation with your smile 100 sbd challenge Goal is 1000 sbd grand total in Donation Mission, 1 Million Smiles , 1,000,000 Smiles journey across Humanity
  • Donation with your song 9 sbd challenge Goal is 110 sbd grand total in Donation Mission, 1.1 Million Songs , 1,100,000 Song journey across Humanity
  • Mission- HUMANITY ,Special thanks to people who help other people and humanity 45 days of Humanity
  • and Many to mention
  • Check sir @dobartim and @flysky posts
  • Visit our discord channel click here https://discord.gg/ymyb8CM- Competition Challenge


Move fast.. Join us now at discord https://discord.gg/ymyb8CM

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