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Wild animals using utensils


6 months agoeSteem


My entry for the contest of @organduo and @laputis

Last time, they offered a food delivery for the birds using their motorcycle. But now, they decided to feed the wild animals. They aren't sure on how large is the population of the wild animals, so they decided to upgrade their motorcycle to a big van. This will help them to carry a lot of food and also water to clean the hands of the animals before eating

Victor also brought some big utensils, so that the wild animals can use it. But they seemed confuse about it. They don't have an idea what is it and how to use it. They are also doubting why do they need to wash their hands if they are eating directly with their mouth.

Later on, Pinky saw this big bull eating in the wrong way. The bull ate all of his food with his mouth and then used the fork to clean his teeth and the spoon to clean his ears.

They should taught the wild animals first in order for them to know and have some knowledge on how to use utensils


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