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Today I Wish at Wishing Well | Wishing Thread Day 108

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3 months agoeSteem2 min read

Hello Wishers!

I made a wish for your wishes to be come true. I wish for betterment of everyone. Wish is better than dream. Wishing all to have a good life. Wishing all to be the best.

What is your wish? Share your best wishes in life. Let's wish and make it happen together as for real. This miracle wishing well brings your hope to the reality.

My wish for Today: Will steem to the moon.

If you want to wish just simply upvote this post, resteem and just comment your wish below or send any amount to me and write your wish at the memo @jancharlest will surely send it to the wishing well. Let's make our wishes come true!

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Biggest thanks to @surpassinggoogle for the great ideas as always!

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