Visiting the Penticton Summer MARKET with our family. #ULOG #38


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Our family came to visit from Vancouver this weekend and so we decided to spend the Saturday morning walking to the Penticton Summer Market, which my sister-in-law never went to one in Penticton, even though she traveled here a few times already.


This is my 5-year old nephew looking at the bees at work (making honey).



Some cool signs/pictures. I have always loved all kinds of cool arts like these and since I can't buy any right now because we are moving abroad, it gave me a good idea and now I will try to make these myself since I have always loved art and doing things like this.


My sister-in-law also got her palm reading done and she is sharing with us, what is in her future. lol.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I felt really blessed to have my family visiting us even though we had no couches to sit on (sold them) and the whole house is a mess since we are packing and selling everything, but it was a great little break from all of this crazy running around.
I will share some more of our family visit and all the fun things we did which was very, very special, since we probably will not see our family for a long time, which makes me very sad.

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