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ULOG #22 ~ Just a "Quick" Update About Life, Writing, and Videogames!...


4 months agoSteemPeak8 min read

..."quick" in inverted commas because you know, it's me --the rambler!

So, my entire household is finally, at last, getting over the worst flu I've ever personally experienced. Obviously not -that- bad considering we're alive and the flu can be a killer, but, you know, the worst that we've personally experienced.

My son was down for two weeks, technically three but I considered him well enough to return to school after the two weeks. I was getting it on and off, my body actively fighting it, for longer. Finally... after my last post actually... I got it full on and was bedridden for ages.

I had literally written my last post, a weekend freewrite, and a couple hours later I was in bed, feverish. Yay. My partner got it too, but I think he felt it less than my son and I did. Still bad enough though.

Anyway, we're finally all better now. Hooray!

And that's really it on the "real life" front. :)

I've been writing, on and off, little bits and pieces of a newly imagined Vengeance. I came up with this one idea, one tiny idea, that results in the entire story being changed... entirely! But makes it so much better, involved, more in-depth... honestly, a bit convoluted... so I've been re-plotting a lot. The first chapter starts out a lot differently. And because I like sharing, and because only a few people will read this anyway, here's what I've done so far. :D

An icy tendril snaked through the floorboards and imparted its chill to the warmth of the flickering candle, snuffing the single flame and shrouding the area in darkness. Lyria swept her blonde strands from her tear-stained cheeks and strained both eyes and ears, wincing as silence greeted her effort, then allowed her muscles to relax as familiar surroundings returned to focus despite the lack of light.
Dirt walls rose up on all sides, hidden by the wooden floor above, and further hid the necessary paraphernalia of mage-kind. A quartz slab glimmered bright, each angle heightened by her night’s eye, and piles of herbs lay neatly bound, expertly tied with strands of horse-hair. Tiny nubs of scented bark were strewn across the dirty rug that served as flooring and the small dugout reeked of citrus; a heavy smell that she was only becoming aware of now as fear faded… a heavy smell that she now realised had hidden her own scent from the raiding party.
A small whimper crawled up her throat before she swallowed it down. The raiders had come from nowhere. Shrieking, guttural laughter had coursed through the air and sent tremors through the cottage, wood shattered in sharp cracks and before she could react her mother had pushed her into the depths and slammed the trapdoor shut. Yells and screams, though dulled by layers of wood and stone, were clearly audible and for the second time in her life she had been petrified and helpless. Hopeless. A pathetic child only capable of staring in dimwitted terror as horrors raged out of sight. Horrors that had now quietened. The silence was as agonising as the screams.
Trembling hands grasped wooden rungs and fumbled for the latch that would allow her freedom. Warm sunlight filtered through the window and caressed her face as she pulled herself up from the hidden room, then stumbled against the wall as what remained of the cottage struck out at her.
Gaping holes glared out from the walls, hundreds of wooden fragments lay scattered across the floor alongside shattered glass and broken furniture, and blood was streaked from one corner of the room in a steady line to the door.
Lyria’s heart thumped in deep, echoing beats that replaced the silence and fresh tears blurred her vision.
There was no answer. She wiped at her eyes and stepped tentatively over blood and glass, careful not to tread on the sharp shards, and peered through the arch that had once housed a door, now flung from the cottage and lying in two halves on the cobblestone path.

My "tiny" idea that has drastically changed the whole story is to do with the religious structure of the world. There were always Three Gods, the heavens --the Aethya--, and minor Demons that traverse the lower planes of the Aethya. But the Gods were brothers. Friendly, jovial, happy brothers that watched the land with humour, amused by their people. That's no longer the case.

Their in-fighting now filters down to the world below, their children --the mages-- keenly feel the rift and war and bicker amongst themselves, the High Lord has never accepted the "new Gods" and reveres the demons who came before, and she who was once my antagonist, though still an antagonist, has a benevolent reason behind her goal, though she performs her acts in the same terrible ways as before.

So, that's where I'm at with my story. I have a notebook and pen beside me at all times as I scribble new ideas into as I re-plot and re-work this constantly evolving world. A world that really needs to STOP evolving so I can get it out already!

It is what it is.

And now... the last piece of this "little" ULOG... videogames!

I've been playing a hell of a lot of Star Wars: The Old Republic. I just love it so much. I feel one with the stories. I love my characters. And I use gaming in other ways, besides. Some people read books for inspiration, some watch movies, some people-watch... videogames are what help me lose myself in my mind and form new ideas, dialogue, etc.

It's especially useful in SW:TOR -because- a huge chunk of the game is dialogue, dialogue, dialogue. I consider dialogue my weakness. I LOVE EXPOSITION. I could write an ENTIRE book with NO dialogue what-so-ever. Just the main character, living, seeing, watching, observing, the events that unfold, etc, all of it with NO dialogue.

I want dialogue though.

My videogame characters, interacting with other characters, hurting them, falling in love with them, being betrayed by them, whatever... it all comes together in my mind and I transfer it all to my own personal characters and their situations, and things happen.

I have a whole character arc for one of my original characters now. Antohne. He never had much of a story. He was comedic relief, and you felt bad for him because he was clearly infatuated with Lyria but she's like, "yeah, no, there's a prince over here I hate but am somehow falling in love with anyway." - and that's the end of that. He has a purpose now. His whole family does.


This section was for the videogame, not for the inspiration brought forth from said videogame.

I'm planning on doing some Let's Plays soon! :D Of Star Wars: The Old Republic. On DTube. No streaming, I'm not comfortable with that, but recording and spending all day uploading it, sure! ~ I've literally just finished the Imperial Agent story but I'm going to do it again and record it because it's my favourite of the stories and you all need to hear me gush about how I love the class and playstyle and her future husband, Theron.

I originally got this idea to do Let's Plays because I figured it would help me finally do the class stories I just can't otherwise bring myself to do, and I want the Legendary Player title and flair. I'm a 'Founder' of the game. I deserve Legendary status.

We'll see. Now I want to do my favourite stories instead and hyperventilate about them. If anyone read this freewrite - prompt: emperor - you already know what I mean about hyperventilating about the game. ;)

Anyway. I received my new headset yesterday. And it is AMAZING. I've been doing some tests with it and we can have the TV on, cars going past, etc, and the mic only picks up my voice (and bird chirps, unfortunately). They're surround sound. They sound better than my old Sennheiser's. I love them. I can't wait to use them for their purpose of Let's Play videos! :D

I just need to find a time I can actually do them... I have the time available to play at most times, but, not sure when I can find a time without distraction, without other people talking,... when I can be alone.

It might be impossible.

Welp. That's it for today. Glad to be healthy again, glad to be writing again, and glad to be looking forward to doing something - gaming videos! :D

Thanks for stopping by and reading! I hope you have a wonderful day today!



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