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#ULOG 40 : Viewpoint - A Motivational Story


9 months agoSteemit2 min read

One day a rich man took his son to a village tour. He wanted to tell his son how rich and fortunate he is, how poor are the villagers. He spent a few days on a poor farm and then returned to his house. On his way back home, the rich man asked his son - "You see how poor people are and how do they live?" 

Son said - "Yes I saw"

"We have a dog and he has four"

"We have a small swimming pool and they have a full river"

"We have some expensive lanterns floated from abroad to burn the night and they have billions of stars to shine at night"

"We buy our food from the market, while they themselves grow their own food in the field"

"We have a small family with five people, while their whole village, their family is"

"We have a small garden to roam in the open air and they have the whole earth which never ends"

"To protect us, there are large walls around our house and they have a good friend to protect them."

Listening to his son's words, the rich man was unable to speak anything. Son ended his talk and said - "Thank you Dad, to tell me how poor we are."

 Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference


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