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I need to UP my STEEM game 👨‍🔧


8 months agoBusy2 min read



I don't know what's my deal, seems like I got a little lazy or something...

When I first joined @steemit, I felt like it's my duty to interact with people, find people with similar interests and try to connect, trying to be part of the community and show my support as much as possible. At one point I've hosted 4 contests each week where minnows could earn SP delegations and STEEM prizes and it was really cool to see all the engagement and creativity in my comments section.

Now it's mostly dust... I'll take the blame for that...

What changed? Lack of motivation perhaps? I'm probably stuck in my ways because life isn't what I expected it to be, I need to grow up and smell the coffee, life is stressful. Almost nothing is given and everything we do will work for us only if we put in the hard work. I got the hunger and motivation to get out of my f*****g cycle, I needed this "rock bottom" to open my eyes and see where I'm failing.

"We win or we learn" is one of my favorite quotes...

I have to take this opportunity and learn from my mistakes, get back to the drawing board and make the next big steps to my success, one step at the time. Can I do it? I sure damn hope so, gimme some time to really think everything out and I promise you'll see a new Kiddo afterward. Getting back on the old tracks!

I wish everyone a great day, stay positive, don't be a whining baby like myself:)

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