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ULOG: Starting The Day with Steem

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2 months agoUlogs2 min read

ulogs are simply steemit posts containing logs of "you"...... Yes "you- dynamic you". It's any steemit post that records your daily activities; celebrating "you" and "life". it can be pictures, vlogs, stories or even plain writeups or a combination of all.
Your "ULOGS" dont have to be perfect they just need to be real.

Shout out to a good man worth being called a god @surpassinggoogle

It's a wonderful Monday at the Creativity Hub and i am having a whole lot of fun already with @Uyobong, @You34, @zellypearl and my humble self @Kufray.

Got up from bed late today but the something very interesting added agility to me, guess what it was… Did someone just say Steem?.... Yes you guess it just right. Yeah Steem.
So I went to a friend’s place to pick up Laptop and I took some beautiful pix of his apartment and you wouldn't believe it, he is such a motivation to many. He is not really a familiar person on Steem but some might still know @Shalomben

Just done assisting @Amplegeologist make his introductory post is a beautiful thing for me and it will be out in a couple of days from today and this just a scratch to the many things that will be happening here in Creativity Hub today.

I hope you like the pictures



What really captured my attention is this guys library, just look at this


In case you need a projector for your seminars and project presentation with a wide projector screen of 72x72 just drop a message @kufray


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