Can "Everyone" Participate In The "World Of Coding"? Can "Everyone" Participate In Project (Programming) Development?


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A special aspect of our enterprise is to remove all "barriers to entry" when it comes to the programming ecosystem allow "everyone" in. We want to create a certain balance, reducing the gap between non-coder project owners and developers and we feel this is very-very-possible with the use a model of development that involves only "micro-programming-tasks". 

Creating this balance overall adds certain SWAG to the equation enhancing greatly and drastically the relationships and interactions among every entity involved in the development of a project. It also reduces overall cost of development for each entity.

We also want to try to create a certain balance when it comes to "levels of expertise" in the world of coding, creating a more universal coding language. Thus, we want to simplify tasks to where, it becomes negligible what programming language you are versed with or your level of expertise altogether. 

This is where SWAG easily comes in. 

Yes, what if we simplify (programing) issue to levels where "everyone" can have some form of say, to where whether you are versed in reactjs, python, c++, ruby etc or know nothing about coding, you can participate? Well, we do believe that if codes can't be made that simple, then perhaps, the overall coding knowledge out in existence is limited but it is not, as we begin to look more intently here @macrohard

Especially, if we use the full extent of the value that "opensource" offers, many things are now more than ever possible and the application of "micro-programming-tasks" in development highlights this pronouncedly. Yes, if an issue is now as simple as change an icon, or insert style guide or add a collapse function or edit a URL or an environment variable etc, then "everyone" can suddenly participate. 

Now, assuming we curate all the programming tools that avail of UI, to help non-coder project owners visualize the coding process better etc, then perhaps, they will be able to play a core role however small in the overall developing process. This will create drastic balance overall and very drastically improve the pace and success of development.

Now let's go back to programmers! Is it possible for a python guru to take part in the development of a project with a Reactjs framework without having to seat down for days or weeks, learning Reactjs etc? 

The answer easily becomes "very much yes", when we apply the micro-programming-tasks method of development. 

We will try to relate this using real-time scenarios in the coming weeks (existing projects under development) but basically, if issues are are simple as "change the embed video URL" etc; then a python guru or even just a python enthusiast can now suddenly feel competent and participate in development than would have been the case with complex or very complex tasks.

Project owners can also carry out some of these tasks too, even without much coding experience. After they gather basic knowledge involving most UI-type programming tools, like github, herokuapp, sourcetree etc they will be able to take part in the development of their own projects. This will enhance overall relationship long-term among all members of the eco-system making project development to flourish.

@macrohard looks to understand various cases, en-route establishing a complete model for our enterprise. 

Overall, we are about removing "all barriers to entry" into the coding world overall by adding some SWAG into the equation allowing "everyone" room to shine in the world of coding.


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