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For Those That Have Awoken


3 months agoSteemit


There is a sickness that has woven it's way through the land.
It's tendrils reach far and wide, grasping at our very souls.
It comes from no one and leads to no where.

Many are still slumbering,
their eyes covered by thick masks.

They are our brothers and sisters,
caught by a sleeping sickness,
they walk unwoken.

We who have learned to see must be strong.

We must come together, spreading our wisdom.
Growing together as one, our lights shine brightly.

Our Earth mother needs us.

She has given much.
The time is now.
Do not fear, we are strong.

We can create change.
We are creating change.

This is the age of Aquarius.

Come sing songs of love and joy with us.

Entice your brothers and sisters to wake from their slumber.
Tell them tales of love and peace, the peace resides in all of our hearts.

From this place of stillness we must roar.
Raise our heads and shriek with delight.

The age of war and suffering has come to an end.

Peace on Earth.
Peace on Earth.
Peace on Earth.


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