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The Day I Almost Died


4 months agoBusy3 min read

Here's a short story about the day I almost died.

I was a child of around 6 years old sometime in the 90s and it was a warm summers day, the Sun was shining and the sky was a crystal-clear blue with not a cloud in sight, perfect.

I was playing with my Ninja Turtles ball, with my friend, Kenny in the back garden.


It had been a long day and we'd both had a blast, with the occasional choc-ice thrown in to help cool us down, we couldn't be any happier.


Everything was going great.

I can't remember who kicked the ball into the neighbours garden, but that's exactly where it landed.

I perched myself up onto the fence to see where it had landed, it was sat right in the center of the garden, no problem, I'll just hop over and grab it.

So that's what I did.

I lugged myself over the fence and landed on the lawn with a soft thud.

Took a few steps towards my ball, leaned over to pick it up...

A sudden sense of dread set in, everything went slow, time almost stood still.

I heard the scramble of paws, the guttural sound of growling and the alarming sound of dogs barking before I seen the two salivating pit-bulls currently charging full pelt at me.

The thought still gives me goosebumps.

For a split-second I was frozen, unable to move as two hungry set of teeth came gnashing and racing towards me.

Instinct kicked in and I came unstuck, I threw my ball over the fence and ran as fast as my legs could carry me towards it.

Not fast enough.

I jumped up the fence with a speed and strength I never knew I had as a pair of razor sharp teeth sank themselves into my leg.

I had only just managed to pull myself up and over the fence.

Landing back in my garden it didn't immediately occur to me that I had been seriously injured, until I felt a chunk of my flesh under my shorts hanging off my leg by a piece of skin that hadn't been completely severed.

I guess I was full of adrenaline at that point because I didn't feel a thing.

A quick trip to the Stead had me sewn back together and in one piece again with a scar as a constant reminder of the day I almost died.

At least I got my ball back.

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