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Sci-fi Novel - The Love Algorithm - Part 31


3 months agoBusy6 min read


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Part 31: Signs of Love

If I had only one wish right, I would like to control what's going on in my heart. If I could control what I felt, I would probably not find myself looking at the walls thoughtfully one morning. I wasn't ready to run in the direction my feelings dragged me. One morning I woke up and found myself lost in the eyes of Deniz, which I hadn't seen in two days. Her glances affected me; I didn't realize it. I was filled with foolish happiness when the smile on the edge of her lip came to my mind. I imagined myself telling her of my sweet memories. Even the dream of this conversation gave me indescribable happiness. I had a completely different perspective. For example, I didn't give a damn about the love algorithm I've been passionate about for months. The heartache caused by my father's death has eased, and my ongoing dream of my mother, following me with kindness and grace from above the clouds has become a distant memory. It was evident that Deniz didn't like me as a partner, but I didn't want to admit it.

If she didn't like me at all, what was the big thrill in my heart? I thought maybe this time things could be different because I never had such strong feelings about her before. Women have no clear lines like men, and they have the virtue of reevaluating every possibility every time, of changing their decisions according to their current feelings. I was trying to convince myself that Deniz liked me. It was interesting that my interest in her had no sexual content. It was as if Deniz was a Supreme Being, and I began to worship her. The world had become a different place, and it had a different meaning; in this holy climate, there was no place for things like sexuality.

In this new atmosphere, I entered, the images and memories of Deniz were guiding me like a lighthouse, a flint, a comet. I remembered the smell of her perfume that I didn't like very much when I saw her the first time, for example, I was excited like a treasure hunter who found a map of a secret treasure. One day at the office, she was furious at me, and she looked scary and beautiful, with tears pouring on her eyelashes. He drew a fascinating portrait of a real person who was not lying! How harmonious, elegant hands, it was clear that those hands would not harm any human being, and would always produce beautiful works. It wasn't weird that I fell in love with Deniz; it was strange that I hadn't had this feeling until then. One evening when we were walking on the beach, I was watching the light reflected in her hair, and I didn't realize that this was the leading shock of the earthquake of love.

I called Deniz and told her I was in love with her. Deniz didn't expect me to act like this and she thought I was joking first. Yeah, I wish I was joking. There must have been a proper method of declaring love. It was unfortunate that I had made such an important statement on the phone as if I was in a hurry.

When Deniz was finally convinced that I was serious about what I said, she said, “I never considered you like that.” She said this sentence in such a clear tone that I immediately understood that I had no luck in this affair. Everything developed so fast; Deniz was confused, and I was sad.

"I've never done anything to give you hope, have I?" Deniz asked.

“I preferred to hope,” I said, embarrassed.

“I do not want this situation to affect our friendship and business relationship badly,” said Deniz.

I said, "When this conversation is complete, it will destroy itself, and it will be considered to have never been done."

“You've given up on me so easily.”

”You refused me, what could I do?" When I was rejected, there was no change in my love for her, but I was pretending I was not in love with her anymore, and in time I hoped the fire in me would ease by time. We hung up with mutual good wishes.

After I hung up the phone, I evaluated what I was going through. Although Deniz rejected me, my heart was still humming in a strange state of excitement. I fell in love instantly, and then I called and told Deniz about the situation, so I was disgraced to my colleague. This whole thing wasn't a good sign. After my father's death, I had no parents to support me financially or morally. Tuğ, which I accepted as my best friend, was expecting me to meet him on an appointment as if he was a prime minister. With the assumption that making money is possible by innovating, we developed an application by giving months, and I dragged two young people with me, and unfortunately, we could not have the interest we expected. We were running out of money, and we almost didn't have the hope of making money. More importantly, my energy decreased day by day; my mood continued to deteriorate; my motivation for work fell, my resistance to life decreased. I explained my improper declaration with this spiritual climate. I was hoping that it wouldn't go wrong all the time, that luck would laugh at me one day if I were resilient enough; I had no other choice.


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