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Saying "It" As One Sees It. Sharing Thoughts (U-log).


2 months agoSteemit3 min read

Some people are so talented in their skills to wrap things up and present them the way they know/feel you wan them to be.

These people are "salesmen" in heart and what they are selling is their BS.

While some of us just don't know how to do that, even when we do our best to say things in a way that won't be misunderstood or should I say 'taken the wrong way', we fail at doing it.

Maybe our upbringing and life has taught us to be more up front when we talk and to respect other people being up front without any of the "gift wrapping" (to avoid calling it for what it is = BS).

I don't see how avoiding the truth has ever really helped anyone in anything.

How can it help?

Seriously, idk.

Then, what about the people who just go with the flow, who literally want to see all that pretty gift wrapping. People who prefer to play along with the game and actually contribute to all the BS.

Again, idk, I just don't get it.

Then there are those who actually add to it all by inventing up more BS, so as to brown nose others.

I am not even going to mention them, that would be such a waste of time.

What about the people who actually fall for the BS?

Are they victims?

idk, with all the access to real time communications and ability to contact anyone at any time about almost anything, why is it that some only "go with the flow", with all the BS that is usually brown nosing to those who are "important".

Is it really that hard to be an individual?

To not have to bow down, bend over to others or kneel in front of them etc etc etc.

Seriously, what has happened, what is happening, why is this so..........

idk, I seriously can't understand.

One thing to do as needed, but to keep bending over all the time, that is just toooo much!

idk, I seriously just can't understand.

I think that I will stick to being up front and blunt about things, simply the only way I know how to communicate.

Gets the message across clearly, directly and without any misunderstandings, although some would love to twist the words around and try to do so, but even they know that they are literally nothing more than full of it when they try to do that.

idk, it is not easy, but again, as I mentioned above, it is the only thing I know.

Just wanted to share these thoughts with everyone, get them out of me, call it "online therapy" for handling all the BS we all see around us every day.


Yours truly,

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