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Sharing Thoughts About Stuff! Many Will Know What All I Am Talking About. Such Is Life. U-Log.

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2 months agoSteemit3 min read


How many times have you trusted someone and taken down your guard?

We've all done it.

More than once.

Well, the feelings that go with that when a person you placed your trust in 'plays' or 'uses' you, in both instances literally abuses the trust you placed in them, well, how can I put this without using any foul language, "IT SUCKS".

The sad part is that afterwards, too often than not, the people who did this pretend to be fkn angels, fkn saints, St. Peter mover over, there is an entire row of fckers waiting to take your spot!

Seriously, holier mf's than The Pope in Rome, bigger fkn Catholics than the Pope himself!


Most of you who read this will know exactly what I am talking about. That gut feeling that isn't the runs (sh#ts) nor a "i need to chuck" feeling, something in between. If was either of the forementioned, it would all get out of the system and to hell with it, but this, this just stays there.

Or what about those that start to attack you and talk sh#t about you behind your back?

Talk about two faced pieces of sh#t.

Seriously, the ones that haven't got the guts or some would say "the balls" to come out and tell you to your face what they have to say, but resort to the BSing everywhere and anywhere, all in the hope that others will follow suit. The sheep, the "hear say" people, who spread BS around and hence by the laws of 'propaganda' make it the truth.

As we all know, hear it once, twice and then thrice, it automatically by default becomes the truth.

Seriously, we all do know very well what I am talking about there, don't we!

Or what about those that seriously believe, that sincerely believe that their sh#t doesn't stink.

Do I even need to mention them.

The most glorious of all glorious creatures, who sincerely believe their flatulent smells like roses and that when they take a dump that rainbows shine out of their rear ends.

Don't you just love those types.

Well, most of the time it is the "point the finger and yell thief" or whatever the saying is in your part of the world. You get the point.

I just wanted to get this out of my system and have people think about it all.

Relate it to experiences from your life and to know that whatever category of people you may fall into, the victim or the BS artist, that it is all a fkn charade.

So crystal clear to everyone, even those that pat each other on the back in it all.

I don't get it.

Why after "xy" thousands of years we still haven't managed to evolve as human beings in some things, like the above described situations, just beats me.

Signing out for the day.

Yours truly



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