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Just bought 777 SP now! One good individual Steemian will get this 777 SP delegated tomorrow!


10 months agoBusy

My all time favourite YouTuber said the following..

  1. Complaining is easy, excuting is hard

  2. If you want to be anomaly, you gotta act like one

  3. It’s more important to learn and fail than it is to always be right

  4. Document the journey

  5. Bet on your Strengths. Don’t give a F*%K about what you suck at

Nowadays I don’t watch YouTube because DTube and DLive is here. Even though I’m missing out good content from my role model “Gary Vee”


Anyway why am I writing something irrelevant to topic of my post. Actually it relevant because my 34th individual Steemian’s 777SP delegation will go to a DLiver or DTuber tomorrow.

Keep on Steeming and you’ll find out tomorrow!!

Good night my dear Steemians :)

By the way Bitcoin transactions are slow and I’m still waiting for 777SP, And I wish could pay with EOS, when I buy SP next time. That’s actually tomorrow because Buying SP is my daily habit!



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