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The First Contact... we are not ready for it! ?


3 months agoBusy6 min read


If you say to people aliens, they stop first. They think of conspiracy theories, weirdoes, ridiculousness, UFOs, X-Files and many reject the subject immediately. But this is more in demand than ever right now, in our time. We live in a time in which we are getting closer to space and the universe. We obscure foreign stars with our telescopes, find other planets and can even determine their composition. Aliens and their existence is already for a long time no more topic for conspiracy theorists or Internet forums or Hollywood movies. Science is becoming more and more concerned about Aliens. But unfortunately there are still people who, to put it mildly, live in the past and consistently reject everything that has to do with extraterrestrials. At a time when we are already discovering new exoplanets almost every day. Sooner or later, we will definitely make out life on one of these planets. There are now many potential planets that can be considered for this. The question is what would this extraterrestrial life look like? Would it be bacterial or already further in its evolution? I cant understand why or how people are willing to ignore such things or can say that extraterrestrials life is impossible? That speaking about it is bullshit?
But fortunately these kinds of people are soon extinct and they will be history.

Recently I had a conversation with an old buddy. It was about the first contact. This buddy is very insists on science and is also open for new things. He also said, taht we must change our minds if we want change our world.

The question was how could such a first contact happen? Besides all the stuff on the Internet, there are people, often visionaries and/or scientists, who really seriously think about how such a scenario could work. These people are then also paid by NASA and other agencies for questions or other things and also are used as consultants for them.

A few years ago one of these consultants had posted a survey on NASA's behalf with the question How would you receive extraterrestrials on Earth? Most people answered with things you would expect, such as Hearty reception, with openness, love, novelty and many people were very open to first contact and an exchange with aliens.

Well, that was all very positive. But, that was all just theory. The question is, what would be with a real first contact? In an emergency? Not in theory, apart beyond all wishes?

I myself doubt that we humans will really be so open. Most will be afraid, even panic-stricken.

We live on a planet that is built on religions and a monetary system. Almost everything was and is created by human hands serves to maintain this construct. It's a system built on many small systems, so if one falls one time, all the other systems can support each other to still maintain the whole structure.

This system demands from all people submission in the form of consumption, comfort zone, a regulated life, a monotonous life that allows nothing else.

If somebody dont walk this dicteted line, he is immediately labelled as an outsider in the media as well as in the sozialmedia and in society; according to the motto "Something is wrong with him" and such people are declared to be crazy. Or as geniuses, if he doesn't try to dissuade the human herd from the system. Depending on that.

Our society lives in states of fear. Day and night we are confronted with fear. It is a part of our existence. We are afraid that our life could change. Fear that we might lose our job, fear of not being able to pay the next bill, fear of getting sick, fear of an accident, fear that a war could break out, fear of terror, fear of strangers, fear of other people, fear of other cultures, fear of animals, fear of anxiety, fear of fear ...

Most people are afraid of the stranger, the unknown. People are afraid of banal things. Usually it is precisely because people do not want to allow new things will change their lifes. They want what they are used to and suppress what could be. They do not want it. They are not interested. Well, until they are persuaded medially that they want it, then they want it...

That's how the normal person, who makes up 95% of our society, works, ergo, people who say "I'm not like that", have no voices and are ignored. They don't count.

Now let's start from the case of what Hollywood has been trying to teach us for years: Aliens are comiing unannounced. They appear in America, Washington, an alien spaceship hovers above the White House or the Pentagon.

What would happen now? People who take out their cell phones and start filming? People who go live and share it on social medias? Television stations that report on it? Barriers? Militaries on the ground? Day and night coverage. Scientists who record the contect?

This scenario is prescribed by Hollywood. But will we really behave like this? Or will the vast majority of people be afraid and not want the aliens to show up? Because otherwise it will change their lives. It will destroy everything for which the integrated in a society individual has worked all his life.

He will reject it. He will regard it as a threat. And he will be afraid of it.

Most people will stamp it as a fake anyway, not believe it's true. Laugh about it and find it ridiculous. There will certainly be people who will be aggressive against the visitors.

That's how our society ticks. I don't think we're ready, and definitely we're not open enough. We humans are in all primitive life forms, which despite the technical progress, unfortunately, are very primitive thinking.

If we are not even able to accept and respect people with other cultures, skin colors, languages, opinions, sexes, looks, preferences and no plan what else of differences are there, without being afraid of them and the differences, if we do not even have respect for our own earth, the animals and plants, then how do we want to accept and respect aliens?

I think we are definitely not ready for a first contact as a whole.

I know, this sounds a bit negative, but hey, wake up, watch out, the world, sry our world, is so...



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