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3 months agoSteemit2 min read

Have a nice day my fellow Steemians!

First of all, I would like to say thank you to @olivia08 who encouraged me to joined here. With the help of @mermaidvampire,everything made possible with @actifit.

BY the way, I am Anita Labasano from Philippines working as #OFW for 18 years in the middle east.I am married with three children having 6 grandchildren. I am happy now for @olivia08 taught me how to joined here. It has been a year she never stopped asking me to register but I didn't know the procedure.

Now I am @powermom who is willing to swim as a plankton in she deep blue sea with you. I am not a blogger but I will try to do my best. I am willing to follow guidelines and hoping @olivia08 could help me here.

Time now is 6:33 in the morning and I am still going to sleep. Today is the summer vacation, our time is broken, made the day into night and night into day basis. My mobile phone is not yet updated and planing to buy new one so I can join @nathanmars #seven77 movement and also I wanna join @actifit in the first place who gave me quickly procedure to my account.

Again, thank you everyone and I am hoping for all your graceful acceptance of @powermom to this blockchain. @olivia08 told me that steemit is a better place rather than so addicted in facebook. So I decided to joined here, I accepted the invitation to learned more about crypto currencies.

This is only for today and more stories coming later. Pardon me to my writing but I am willing to accept guidance and corrections.

God bless us!

Respectfully yours,


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