ULOG: #4 Week 28 - Got My St. Nicholas Badge, Been A Good Girl This Year


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@Steamitboard had a challenge for all steemians. I am glad I saw it before the deadline. All we had to do was comment on what our Christmas wish was, funny, serious or personal. Like most I had wished that the SBD and steemit get back to normal and high like last year around this time. We really did not get anything but a special badge if we had been good (haha all of us got one, those who joined)

st nicholas badge.jpg

So there are only 94 of us haha so I am glad to be one of the selected few. I have a few more badges but only 3 personal ones.


Not bad for a little over 1 year on Steemit. I do hope things will get better and back to normal. I guess because of the cryptocurrency market. Well in life there are a lot of ups and downs. The downs goes up too they don't usually stay down because we do something about it. So I hope the people in charge of steemit do something. Then everybody will be happy!


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